1. Pasta.

    Francoforte Spaghetti bar. 

    I’m sick of average Italian food. Especially if i have to wait for a while and the overly sauced stodgy stuff comes out of the kitchen. Francoforte is a breath of fresh air. I can see myself coming here a lot. Its even opposite my Superstar Waffles or i like to call it, the happiest place on earth.

    Guanciale Carbonara


    Cured pigs cheek, parmesan and pecorino cheese, with penne. 

    Cartdriver’s Pasta.


    Porcini and portobello funghi, tuna, onion, tomato, with penne. 

    This is different from the usual Italian restaurant in Perth. No heavy sauces and flavours. Can’t wait to come back. 

    Address: 4/189 William St NorthbridgeWA 6003

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