1. Pizza.

    Ace Pizza.

    I have to come here again with a smaller group. there is something about going to a restaurant with a large groups with more than 10 people that i don’t like. Not the social aspect but the fact that i don’t get to eat that much food… i just want to stuff my face


    Fried Mac and Cheese.


    One of the best combination of words in the world.


    The gooey insides… 

    Spicy BBQ ribs with Coleslaw.


    These were really tender but a little too spicy :( dial it one stage down and it would of been perfect.

    Pig Town.



    Fungo Magico.


    I want more mushrooms!! this pizza is my favourite flavour combination though.

    The Amalfi.


    Like pineapple i still think seafood doesn’t belong on pizza. This was tasty but there is something about it that doesn’t sit right… I’m looking forward to coming here again the atmosphere is cool and they have pear cider on tap. Definitely a good place for a quiet catch up. 

    Address: 448 Beaufort St. HighgateWA 6003

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