1. Japanese Food.

    Sakura Izakaya.

    There are many japanese restaurants that call themselves “Izakaya” in Perth. Sakura Izakaya is the only one that i’ve been to that can claim that title. This place is something that you will find in Japan. Tapas style Japanese Food with drinks thats the name of the game.

    Even the menu is like the ones you see in Japan. Now i’m going to show you what we ate… We ordered a lot…

    Grilled Squid.

    Potato Wedges with Anchovies. 

    Braised Pork Belly. Kakuni.

    This is amazing. Must have when you come here. 


    Probably the best gyoza in perth. We had 2 serves… 

    Asari No Sakamushi. Boiled Clams in Sake and Salt. 

    Kaki Fry. Oysters Crumbed in Panko. 

    Mentai Mochi Cheese. Mochi with Cheese and Fish Roe. 

    Shogayaki Pork. Ginger Pork. 

    Chicken Karaage in Ponzu. 

    Triple Aburi. Salmon, Scallop and Eel Charred Nigiri. 

    Real wasabiiiiiiiiii~!

    Agedashi Mochi.

    I think thats everything!!! This place is my new favourite place. This place is soooooo legit. I would be here everyday if i could. It really brings back some good memories of late night Izakaya in Japan. If you want to experience some Japanese Drinking culture come here. 

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