1. Hawker Chinese Food.

    Hawker’s Cuisine.

    After a brief hiatus *cough*mylaptopgotwaterdamagedbecauseiwascleaningmykeyboardwithwater*cough* it’s time to get back to the swing of things. We are back with a personal favourite. it serves classic Malaysian Chinese food but Hawker’s Cuisine has always been the Charlie Day of Chinese Restaurants. 


    The Wildcard Bitches.  

    Marmite Pork Spare Ribs. 


    This is why this place is the wildcard. Don’t knock until you’ve tried it cos its freaking amazing. Can’t really explain the taste but its gewd.

    Spicy Crispy Tofu.


    If people ate tofu like this more often they would like it a lot more! Anyone who doesn’t like this doesn’t really exist… 

    Prawn Assam Curry.


    This is why this place is good. Even though they have more alternative fare they do the classics well. I’ll be back soon cos the pork belly was sold out and i have to devour it. 

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