1. Japanese Food.

    Zen Subiaco.

    Another Subi joint reppin’ with awesome food and service. Zen Subi serves the usual Japanese fair but at an elevated level. Excuse me if my Engrish is a little off at the moment i’m so full that i think food is stuck in my cranium…


    Chicken Karaage.

    Nasu Dengaku (grilled eggplant with miso).

    Sukiyaki Udon.


    Salmon Teriyaki.


    FREE Green Tea Panna Cotta (Free Money). 

    Everything tastes better free!!! One really nice thing about this place is that all the food looks like art. Your sense of sight is already saturated even before you taste the food. Sorry i haven’t been posting lately it’s been an odd week and a bit! Don’t worry though i’ve been eating a lot and more post will be coming!

    Address: 1 Seddon Street (in car park) Subiaco.

    Zen Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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