1. Sushi?

    Mr Munchies Sushi. 

    Man Sushi should be the name of this restaurant. If there was an award for overly complicated sushi with fancy names Mr Munchies would take it. To be honest this is sushi for people who don’t like eating sushi. But!!! that doesn’t mean its bad, just different. 

    Oz Outback Roll. 


    Duck Two Ways Roll.


    Pork Katsu Kilpatrick Roll.


    This takes the cake cheese, mustard, bacon and pork katsu… To be honest i wouldn’t call this sushi but mini mini donburi. The food was tasty and Mr. Munchies is worth a visit, but i still prefer the simplicity of fresh raw fish with some sushi rice. 


    Address: Shop 4, 669 Beaufort St Mt Lawley

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