1. American Food.

    The Merrywell.

    Perth lacks a place where you can get a really good steak and rack of awesome ribs. The food here is pretty sick and if you like good American food this place is pretty legit. 

    Ribs with Corn and Watermelon.

    How can you order anything else when there are ribs on the menu?? Don’t say “I’m vegetarian” because we all know vegetarians aren’t real people. Seriously, it was tender and the sauce had a kick to it as well. 

    Spicy Lamb with Yoghurt and Mint Jelly.

    When i go to restaurants with friends i like to play who chose the best dish. unfortunately this wasn’t it. C’mon guys did you see those ribs??

    Steak Frites.

    This on the other hand was almost as good as the ribs. Steak was tender and the chips had the juices of the. Simple but done realllly well. Not only is the food good here the prices are pretty good for a steak-house type place. If you’re like me and gambling is in your Asian blood, The Merrywell is conveniently located next door. So after you feeling sorry for yourself after losing some money, you can cheer yourself up with a nice meal!

    Address: Crown Perth, Great Eastern Hwy Burswood, WA 6979.

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