1. Curry.

    Mela Indian Sweets and Eats.

    I wish i knew more about Indian food. My knowledge of indian food extends to “Butter chicken is freaking delicious” and “Naan is the bomb-diggity”. I think the food here is really good! Buuuut i haven’t had proper indian food before soooooo who am i to judge!! :p 

    Onion Baji.

    The Spread.

    Excuse my half-eaten food, i forgot to take a picture before hand hehehe. Me and the fam ordered a prawn curry, spinach with mushroom, tomato with paneer and of course butter chicken. I would also like to further emphasise the bomb-diggityness of Naan. It’s the Bomb-diggity. One day i want to try some original Indian food! So if you know of any Indian restaurants in Perth where the pros eat let me know!

    Address: 428 William St. Northbridge, Perth WA, 6000.

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