1. Roast Duck.

    Hong Kong BBQ House.

    I freaking love roast duck… one of my things on my bucket list is to get a whole roast duck and eat it like a corn on a cob. It actually one of illest things in Chinese food and it’s one of my favourite meats.

    "but, but, duck has so much cholesterol in it" said the healthy eater, well while you’re over there eating your brussels sprouts and brown rice i’ll be eating duck and noodles like a pro. it tastes awesome end of story. 

    Roast Duck with Noodles.


    Let me explain this dish to you in a metaphor. Normally when you go see a rock band there are normally opening acts. The first opening act your like… “man just get off the stage, bring on the main act”. Thats the veges on the plate. Next the second act comes on “yeah these guys are pretty cool, they can stay” ie: the noodles. Then the main act comes on “yeah MUDDA PUCKA!” thats how strongly i feel about this duck. The duck here is tasty. There’s another place in town called Good Fortune Duck which is pretty good and I’ll have to go there soon to compare the roast duck.

    Address: 76 Francis St, Northbridge Perth, WA 6003.  

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