1. Vietnamese Food.

    Tra Vinh.

    I have two rules when it comes to eating Asian Food at a restaurant:

    1. Stay away from places with more than one cuisine. There are heaps of Korean and Japanese restaurants in Perth and i tend to stay away. The main reason being the restaurants that are dedicated to one cuisine are just better than the mix places.  

    2. If there are lots of people from the respective culture of the restaurant eating there, you know it’s good. For example, A Japanese restaurant with lots of Japanese people eating there, means it’s probably pretty legit. 

    Trah Vinh is my favourite Vietnamese place and lots of Vietnamese people or i like to say, “The pros”, eat there. Now let’s define the word “pro” in the Stomping Grounds dictionary:


    Noun, A person who knows their own national cuisine well and eats it often. 

    Example: Koreans are the Pros of the Korean food scene.

    So if you like to eat, why not eat like a pro?? So enough of this crazy jargon and lets get to some Pho.

    Raw Beef and Beef Ball Hofan Soup.


    It’s all about the broth. It’s THE shit, all the soup noodles you get here are great. You can taste the herbs that were used and it’s refreshing. The Hofan (flat rice noodles) are good too. In a lot of other Vietnamese places in Perth the noodles turn into the giant ball of carbohydrates and isn’t very nice.

    Rice Vermicelli with shredded pork and spring roll.  


    This is probably my favourite. An option if you aren’t feeling the soup. This dish is all about contrast and balance. the cold noodles and veges with the fresh out of the fryer Spring rolls and the delicately balance spicy, sweet and sour source. Refreshing and heaps of flavour. 

    Dry egg noodles with bok choy and braised duck.


    Whats good about this dish? Everything… Delicious noodles and duck that’s literally falling off the bone. 

    Now you can be a pro too, if you just eat like the pros. Tra Vinh is definitely the place to go if you want some premo authentic Vietnamese food. 

    Address: 149a Brisbane St, Northbridge Perth, WA 6000

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