1. Australian Cuisine.

    Tuck Shop.

    A lot of my friends overseas ask me “What is Australian Cuisine?” and to be honest for the longest time i didn’t have a answer, I still don’t have a clear answer. The food at Tuck Shop is what i think somewhat represents “Australian Cuisine”. The “Australian Cuisine” debate is another whoooole new discussion, so on to the food.Tuck Shop is the real deal. It’s legit here.

    Chorizo with Crispy Pork Belly, Roasted Capsicum, Potato and Fried Egg.

    When you come here, this is the dish to order. Simple and a really intelligent dish. All the flavours go together. When you have a bite with every ingredient on the plate, it’s freakin’ ethereal. Also it’s CRUNCHY PORK BELLY, what more could you want.  

    Lamb and Rosemary Pie.

    The pies here are a speciality. All the pies here are really good with classic flavours like Bacon and Cheese and Beef Curry. You can order sides with it that include: Mushy peas, Mash potato and hand-cut chips. The chips are a realllly good here. 

    Baked Beans with Smoked Ham Hock, Poached Egg, Onion rings and Parmesan Toast. 

    Normally when i order this dish the baked beans are cooked a little more, making the sauce a little thicker and richer. Even though it wasn’t the best version i have had, it was still delicious. One of the best feelings is cutting the poached egg in half and watching the egg yolk leak into the sauce. 

    Whenever a friend from out of town comes to Perth, Tuck Shop is one of the first places i take them to. The mind boggling thing about this place is that the food here is insanely delicious but it’s all super simple. I frequent Tuck Shop nearly every week and I still haven’t tasted every dish. I keep going back to the dishes I’ve had before because they are sooo freakin delicious. When you go to Tuck Shop go with a group of friends and order lots of dishes to share. Another upside to this place is the coffee is pretty righteous as well.

    Address: 178 Newcastle Street, Northbridge Perth.

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