1. Ramen.

    The last piece of the Tri-force of Ramen here in Perth, Arigataya. I was Reluctant to go to Arigataya as my previous experiences were pretty lack lustre. The first time i went the soup was watery and the noodles stodgy… For those who don’t know me, i like Japanese Food a lot, like A LOT. I wanted the place to be good sooooo bad, so i gave it a second chance. Then a third… After that i went exclusively to Nao for Ramen.

    This time was going to be different. This time wasn’t just the first time in years but the first time after returning from Japan. I had sampled some of the good stuff “the real shit” in technical terms. This time was going to be good.

    Now enough of the jibber-jabber, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for the gewwwwwwd stuff.

    AND THE VERDICT ISSSS: This bowl is gewwwwwwwd. This was 100 times better than the anaemic broth that i tasted before. The soup was similar to Dosukoi’s, rich and with a little bit of a kick. The noodles however were good but nothing to brag about. 

    So what are the final results of this small culinary adventure. In my opinion it goes to Dosukoi. The soup there won me over. Overall i still think Nao is the best restaurant with an abundance of choice and massive bowls. 

    If anyone knows of other Ramen places in Perth please please please tell me!! The next Food super tasty quest adventure will be the humble Burger. 

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