1. Ramen.

    So winter has finally come to Perth. The best cure (in my opinion) for winter woes, a belly full of soup and noodles. Over the years ramen stores are popping up in Perth. My quest is to find the best! To find the best i’ve given myself one few rule:

    I must order the same type of ramen at each restaurant: Miso Chashuu Ramen or i like to call “The Classic”.  

    My Journey starts in Fremantle at the little ramen store call “Dosukoi!”(どすこい!). Even before going in I knew this place was going to be the bomb and the one hour and a half long wait for a seat confirmed that. 


    (seriously look at this line… also that girl is staring into my soul…)


    As you can see the restaurant is tiny with only 9 choices of ramen (with the choice of either soyu or miso base) and 2 choices of sides (takoyaki and kaarage in a cup). We didn’t want to wait for an hour and a half so we decided to eat outside on the standing bar.

    Now for the good stuff:


    This was the bomb-diggity… the best part of this ramen was the soup. the miso base had a little bit of spice which was perfect. The pork was also packed full of flavour. Definitely worth the trip down to Fremantle. This is a must go for anyone who loves ramen and all at a measly $9 per bowl!! 

    For people who want to go to Dosukoi! it is located in the Fremantle Markets and its best to go early cos it gets busy quick! 

    The Address is:
    Fremantle Markets, Stall 7. Fremantle WA 6160

    Stay tuned for more quests for Ramen. Next instalment: NAO

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