1. Burgers.

    BB Pop Up.


    This is the first time i’ve had a burger with a brioche bun in Perth and I think its one of the best burgers in Perth. Personally its probably my favourite beef burger in Perth. Another thing i like about this place is that they ask you what temperature you want your burger to be cooked to. In my opinion already puts there burgers way ahead of the competitors. Having burgers constantly served at a well done temperature annoys me quite a bit and i’m glad they give you the option to have your burger medium rare. 

    One thing i don’t like about this place is the fries. They were pretty average to be honest. If they bring up their French fry game the entire meal experience would be that much better. 

    I had Le Beau-fort, which had brie and mushrooms as the extra condiments. 


    What stands out is the bun and the burger patty itself. They are killin it with the brioche buns and the beef is fresh and speaks for itself. Definitely one of the best burgers i’ve had, give it a go you won’t be disappointed. 

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  2. Stomping Grounds: Food Haze.

    That waffle life. Peanut butter mousse with Oreos

    Superstar waffles, Perth Australia

  3. Stomping Grounds: Kicks.

    Fresh New Balances.

    Photo documenting my sneaker collection.

  4. Stomping Grounds: Food Haze.

    Red miso ramen from the Yokohama Ramen museum. 

    The MONEY shot. 


  5. Ramen.

    Tonkotsu Ramen.

    Here is a crash course on what to look for when eating Tonkotsu Ramen, a Tonkotsu Ramen 101.


    (Photo taken at the Ramen Museum in Yokohama). 

    in my opinion the most important part of Ramen is the soup. Tonkotsu is is a type of broth made from pork bones. Like many broths made from bones the soup has a certain taste that you can’t replicate artificially. When you drink broth, that is made from bones, it leaves a “creamy” undertone that coats the tongue. This sensation is the product of boiling the pork bones and extracting the marrow and nutrients from it. The longer you boil the bones, the stronger the sensation. This Japan trip I had ramen nearly everyday, from chains to stand alone restaurants. 


    This bowl i had was at a chain Ramen restaurant. As soon as i tasted the broth i could tell that the bones had not been boiled for very long. Consequently the sensation that i mentioned before was too subtle. 


    I ate this bowl at a non-chain restaurant and the taste of the broth was a lot better than the chains. 


    The exception for chains is Ichi-ran Ramen. Ichi-ran is probably the most famous of all ramen chains in Japan. Even though it is a chain the ramen is illest thing out there. One of the best bowls of ramen i’ve ever had. Killin it. I wanted to go back and eat another bowl but there was a line out the door. Normally i would of waited but i was madddd hungry and settled on sushi. If you ever get the chance to try Ichi-ran Ramen it is worth the wait! 

  6. Stomping Grounds: Kicks.

    Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott

    JSletters. Cleaning white shoes is not fun…

    Photo documenting my sneaker collection.


  7. Stomping Grounds: Taipei.

    Street Food. 

    For the adventurous foodie, Taiwan is one of the best places in the world. It has a plethora of delicious items and all for really cheap! I was in Taipei for five days and every night i had dinner in a night market. If i lived there i would probably go every day it was that good. Here are some of the stuff i ate during my trip :)) 

    Pork Blood Cake.

    Pork blood cake stands are everywhere. The way you make this is by mixing pork blood with sticky rice and then steaming it until it turns in to the blood rice cake. After the steaming its dunked into a sweet and spicy sauce. The final touch is the peanut and coriander mixture that sticks to the sauce. Kinda a taiwanese version of Black Pudding.

    Oyster Omelette.

    Along with the egg and sweet little oysters, potato starch is added to give it more of a toothsome texture. You can liken texture added by the starch to a soft rice cake. A sweet/savoury sauce is also smeared on top. 

    Fried Sandwich.

    Fried bread, some sort of mysterious processed deli meat, egg, tomato and a river of mayo. The pinnacle of fancy stoner food. i don’t know why we don’t fry bread more, its crazy good. 

    Taiwanese Spring Roll.

    Most Asian countries have their version of the spring roll. In Taiwan the skin is more like a crepe. The veggies and meat is also seasoned with sugar to make it sweeter than it’s other counterparts. 

    Fish Ball.

    This is comfort food for me. I’ve been eating this stuff since i was a babyyy. Remember to always put pepper in the soup and MSG, never forget the MSG. 


    Sorry for the blurry pic… The ba-wan is something that i’ve wanted to try for ages. The outside is made from a rice flour mixture (imagine a softer transparent mochi) and the inside is filled with meat and bamboo shoots. The sauce thats put over it is a thick savoury sauce. The texture of the Ba-wan is something that western pallets are not used to. Gelatinous and savoury aren’t that common in western cuisine, but the Taiwanese love it. It took me a while to get used to this type of texture, but now i love it. 

    This is ba-wan before it is steamed and sauced. 

    Sweet Tofu and Tapioca Balls in Red Bean Soup. 

    Taiwanese dessert is also pretty famous. this is only one option. Sweet tofu, tapioca balls, tapioca and honey beans are common in these desserts. 

    Taiwanese Dawwwwwwwg.

    This is a Taiwanese Hot Dog. It’s a pork or boar sausage and instead bread it’s wrapped in glutenous rice. A spring onion relish is also smeared onto the rice. This was probably my favourite street food item. 

    Stank Tofu.

    Here is only one way stank tofu or stinky tofu is prepared. Actually tastes not as funky as it smells. Would have it again but gonna limit to once a trip haha. #stillprettyfunkytho 

    Big Fried Chicken. 

    If you go to Shilin Night Market you have to have this fried chicken. It’s gigantic, cheap and delicious. 

    Ice Dessert.

    Another dessert that is pretty common in Taiwan. Ice, sugar syrup, condensed milk and fruits.

    Some of the food here can be seen as squeamish food or “exotic” but to be honest its not. All the food i had was delicious and everything i ate i would have again. The street food alone makes Taiwan one of my favourite places i’ve been to and i can’t wait to go back. 

  8. Stomping Grounds: Kicks.

    Sponge Bob x BapeSta

    Photo documenting my sneaker collection.

  9. Stomping Grounds: Kicks.

    Pharrell Williams x BapeSta.

    Photo documenting my sneaker collection. 

  10. Stomping Grounds: Taiwan, Taipei 2014.

    Street food stands in Taipei.