1. Stomping Grounds: Kicks.

    Pharrell Williams x BapeSta.

    Photo Documenting my sneaker collection. 

  2. Stomping Grounds: Taiwan, Taipei 2014.

    Street food stands in Taipei.


  3. Shanghai Dumplings.

    Din Tai Fung, Taipei.

    "My food Mecca, i’ve finally made it" These are the words that resonated in my mind as i stood in line waiting to get into the illustrious Din Tai Fung. For those who don’t know this famous franchise, Din Tai Fung is the original gangster of Shanghai Dumpling places. These bad boys,

    These may look like your average dumpling, but on closer inspection you can see amazing attention to detail. Each dumpling is hand-made and all must have exactly 18 folds and as soon as you eat it, you understand why these are the best dumplings in the world. 

    How to Eat a Shanghai Dumpling 101.

    Money Shot.

    Here is a quick guide to eat dumplings so you don’t look like a hooligan. 

    1. Don’t poke holes into your shanghai dumpling, 

    2. Dumpling Bath, place your dumping into the vinegar and let it soak and cool down. 

    3. Eat it whole, don’t be a hooligan and bite it in half. 

    Side dishes.

    The main event are the dumplings but all the other dishes that i had were amazing as well. 

    Steam Pork Buns.

    Money Shot.

    Prawn and Pork Fried Rice.

    Sticky Rice with Red Bean.

    There must be something in the water in Taipei. I went to the Din Tai Fung in Kuala Lumpur and it doesn’t even compare to the one in Taipei. If you ever have the privilege to be in Taiwan please go to Din Tai Fung your perception on Shanghai dumplings will change forever. 

  4. The StG: Time for a little update.

    Skyline of hirakata, Japan. (枚方市、日本)

    Oops!! It’s been a while… But here’s a preview of what’s to come!!

  5. Pork blood cake. Taiwan street food. They mix pork blood with rice and cover it with nuts and coriander. A lot tastier than it sounds!

  6. In Taiwan now. First meal, beef noodles. Livin the dream! More photos to come!

  7. The StG: Nara Todaiji.

    Giant Buddha in Nara.  

  8. The StG: Kishiwada Danjiri Festival.

    Kingyo sukui. One of the games at Japanese festivals. 

  9. The STG: Japan, Osaka.

    Shinsaibashi. Tickets to Taipei and Japan booked! Excited for more travel 

  10. The STG: Kyoto, Japan.

    Kinkakuji. Planning my trip to taiwan and Japan!!!! getting mega excited. Looking forward to seeing this place again~