1. The StG: Time for a little update.

    Skyline of hirakata, Japan. (枚方市、日本)

    Oops!! It’s been a while… But here’s a preview of what’s to come!!

  2. Pork blood cake. Taiwan street food. They mix pork blood with rice and cover it with nuts and coriander. A lot tastier than it sounds!

  3. In Taiwan now. First meal, beef noodles. Livin the dream! More photos to come!

  4. The StG: Nara Todaiji.

    Giant Buddha in Nara.  

  5. The StG: Kishiwada Danjiri Festival.

    Kingyo sukui. One of the games at Japanese festivals. 

  6. The STG: Japan, Osaka.

    Shinsaibashi. Tickets to Taipei and Japan booked! Excited for more travel 

  7. The STG: Kyoto, Japan.

    Kinkakuji. Planning my trip to taiwan and Japan!!!! getting mega excited. Looking forward to seeing this place again~

  8. The STG: Kyoto, Japan.

    Feeling nostalgic…

    Kiyomizu, Kyoto. I want to go back!

  9. Re-Food Haze.

    I love this place soo much pls come here and eat it’ll make you a better person. Sakura Izakaya, it is the most Japanese restaurant you’ll find in Perth. 

    Izakaya Sakura Japanese restaurant on Urbanspoon

  10. Stomping Grounds: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Pokemon Nano-Blocks. lost my shit when i found these.